Whether it’s routine maintenance or extensive repairs, we can handle repairs on all brands that other dealers wouldn’t consider taking.

We understand how important it is to have your hearing aid back if it is in need of adjustment or repair. Even though modern digital hearing aids are significantly more robust and reliable than their analog predecessors, occasional problems caused primarily by excess moisture and/or cerumen build-up can still occur.

Since hearing aids are mechanical and electronic devices, they are subject to dirt, dust, moisture, earwax, debris, and abuse from handling on a daily basis. At some point, they will require maintenance and quite possibly, some form of repair.

Hearing aids can be repaired, regardless of whether you need to fix the microphone, broken wires, the receiver, or perhaps a bad transistor.

You will know when a hearing aid is not functioning correctly after you get used to your device(s), based on its performance during usage at optimum levels. A working hearing aid is not the same as an effective hearing aid. Even though a hearing aid may be working, it doesn’t mean that it is meeting your expectations. When you bring in or send in your hearing aid for repair, we will also give you a free hearing test to determine if your hearing aid is meeting your current hearing needs.

The Hearing Aid Warehouse Staff Have the Expertise to Repair All Brands:


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