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 All hearing aid users want to hear the best possible sound. Achieving this is the goal of any hearing aid manufacturer. What makes us different is our broad-based approach to getting the best sounding hearing aids for each of our patients.  Read More...



Marty Hobbs - Owner Licensed Hearing Instrument SpecialistWith over 30 years experience in customer service, Marty is committed to giving the gift of hearing back to as many people as possible. Growing up with family members who had a hearing loss, Marty understands the effects of a hearing loss and is compassionate in treating the underlying causes. He is committed to making sure that every patient that comes through the door gets the quality of service they deserve.

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Austin Hobbs -Laboratory TechnicianAs a well trained professional in the art of repairing and maintaining hearing aids, Austin is proficient in diagnosing and effecting a fast efficient repair on most hearing aid makes and models. See Austin for all your repair needs.

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